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Weibo Advertising: FansTong Ads allowed for Medical Entity Outside China

ATC | Weibo Advertising FansTong Ads

If you’re a registered medical company outside China and ready to target the China market, here’s good news about Weibo advertising for you! Weibo is now offering FansTong Ads for the overseas medical sector, which was previously not allowed. This new offer helps medical institutions to market and maintain their international presence, especially among the Chinese market.

Weibo Advertising: What is Weibo FansTong Ads?

To reach out to 516 million active monthly users on Weibo, Weibo advertising such as FansTong Ads (粉丝通) is one of the ways. FansTong Ads promote Weibo account and Weibo post. Not only it reaches out to your account’s followers, but it massively targets the entire Weibo community allowing you to reach out to mass audiences.

ATC | Weibo Advertising FansTong Ads

Furthermore, FansTong Ads come in 3 types – Post Ads, Banner Ads and Lead Ads. It can be in the form of images, an article or a video. And it appears on the top or near the user’s feed as Weibo recommendation.

More importantly, it raises brand awareness by supporting external and internal landing pages, CTA buttons, app downloads, and WeChat QR code.

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