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WeChat Official Account (OA) Verification: First Step To WeChat Advertising

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WeChat is known as the super app in China. It combines the power of messaging, social media, e-commerce and mobile payment into one platform. With 1.2 billion active users on WeChat, it is a perfect marketing platform for hotel businesses outside China to tap into the Chinese market and reach out more potential consumers. Let’s have a look on how ST Signature in Singapore explored the market through WeChat marketing.

ST Signature (ST共居旅店) Launches WeChat Page

The first co-living hotel in Singapore with smart Chat-In™ technology, ST Signature promotes safer, faster and contactless check-in and check-out services. Now, they launched their WeChat Official Account to promote their hotels to more Chinese consumers. With their WeChat Official Account, users can follow the brand for the latest hotel information, deals and promotions as well as Singapore travel guide.

ATC| ST Signature Chinese Website

How Hotels Can Use WeChat for Marketing ​

Here are the 4 things you need to know about hotel WeChat marketing. 

  • Set up WeChat Official Account (OA): Through WeChat content marketing or event promotions, hotel brands can increase WeChat organic reach and fan base. 

ATC | ST Signature WeChat OA

Don’t know which WeChat Official Account suits you best? Contact us now to get started.

  • Apply for WeChat Ad Account: Exposure for your hotel brand, reach new users, and explore more potential consumers. 
  • Set Up WeChat Mini Program A unique distribution channel in China for brands to increase their online direct sales, avoid the high commissions of China’s OTA platform (as we know, the commission of the Ctrip platform is up to 25%).
  • Apply for WeChat PaymentIn China, you might hang out without bringing cash, but not WeChat Pay. By setting up WeChat Pay for your hotel brands, it helps you reach consumers directly and secure fast payment. 

Why is WeChat OA Verification important?

  • It’s the first step of WeChat Advertising: Hotels should have a verified WeChat OA ready before applying for WeChat Ads account. 
  • Authentic presence of a brand: After OA authentication, it strengthens the credibility of OA. 
  • Enjoy more advanced functions: WeChat AdvertisingWeChat PayVoucher and more advanced APIs. 

About Asia Travel Club

Asia Travel Club (ATC) is a social media agency focusing on influencer and social messaging marketing. The ATC Social App, a proprietary platform that sits on social messaging apps – Facebook Messenger, WeChat Mini Program, LINE and KakaoTalk connect our hotel partners with over 3,000 influencers across China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

ATC is the Official Sales Partner of Tencent (WeChat), Weibo and Bytedance (TikTok, 抖音 DouYin & 头条 TouTiao). Our China Digital Marketing team has verified more than 100+ WeChat and Weibo Official accounts.

Travel141 Booking Engine Mini Program allows our travel partners to reach Chinese travellers directly via their Official WeChat Account. It also allows Chinese travellers to book, pay via WeChat Pay and receive confirmation – all within the WeChat application.

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