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Do You Have These 7 Common WeChat Marketing Misconceptions?

7 Common Misconceptions About WeChat Marketing

WeChat marketing misconceptions may have, in some way, affected your China marketing plans. Knowing the platform’s impact on global brands is not enough to easily make up for these false impressions.

If you’re particularly targeting Chinese-speaking consumers, you have to know the truth behind these misconceptions to start making the most of WeChat.

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So, we’ve debunked the 7 common WeChat marketing misconceptions from Official Account setup to WeChat ads restrictions.

Discover page on Weixin and WeChat
Discover page on Weixin and WeChat | Photo source: IH Digital Malaysia

1. Weixin and WeChat are not the same

This is not true. When it comes to functionality and features, Weixin (微信) and WeChat are nearly the same. Similar to TikTok and Douyin, the former is the global app, while Douyin is the native Chinese app. Likewise, WeChat is for global use, while Weixin is for mainland China use only.

Furthermore, due to location difference, there might be a few differences in the features and functions of the two apps.

Screenshots of Maxi-Cash Malaysia and WeTix Malaysia’s Official Accounts
Screenshots of Maxi-Cash Malaysia and WeTix Malaysia’s Official Accounts | Photo source: IH Digital Malaysia

2. Only mainland China-based companies can open a WeChat Official Account

This is also not true. Although initially, only Chinese business license owners were permitted to set up a WeChat Official Account. But in May 2018, Tencent opened its app to overseas companies based across 100 countries.

3. Weixin users cannot find or view overseas brand Official Accounts

This was true in the past. But later on, WeChat removed this restriction. Eventually, it allowed Weixin users in mainland China to also search and view Official Accounts overseas.

4. WeChat Official Account application is tedious and time-consuming

If you don’t already know, WeChat requires plenty of documents to process your application. This includes your company’s registration documents, bank account details, phone bills, legal representative information, and application forms among others.

While the application process seems truly dragging, you actually have an option to expedite the whole process with a WeChat marketing agency. With an agency’s aid, you can get your Official Account up in as fast as 7 days.

two wechat ad types - moments and official accounts ads

5. You can run ads with only a WeChat Official Account

One of the factors you can run a WeChat ad is if you have an Official Account. However, you must apply for the right to advertise first before you can do so.

Moreover, there are certain industries currently ineligible to advertise on the platform. This includes overseas real estate investment and leasing, medical, tobacco, and casinos.

6. Overseas real estate companies are completely banned from placing WeChat ads

While they are among WeChat’s industry ban list, this is not completely true. Foreign companies may however appeal for an ad to run by supplying information for WeChat’s review.

To appeal, you must provide your company name, target market, property location, ad creatives, and allocated budget to name a few.

7. WeChat ads only target mainland China users

Lastly, it’s not true that WeChat ads can only target app users based in mainland China. WeChat ads also target outbound Chinese tourists across 42 countries and foreign app users based in 11 countries worldwide.

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