UNIQLO Kicks Off #UTPlayYourWorld Campaign On TikTok

UNIQLO Kicks Off #UTPlayYourWorld Campaign On TikTok

In 2019, UNIQLO launched a first-of-its-kind multi-market brand campaign called #UTPlayYourWorld on TikTok. The hashtag challenge aimed to engage as many users as possible by sharing creative and inspiring moments wearing their favourite UNIQLO UT collection outfit.

UNIQLO launched the #UTPlayYourWorld campaign on TikTok in 2019

This global apparel brand rolled out the in-app challenge from 25th June to 11th July , targeting TikTokers in US, Japan, and Taiwan. Winners stood a chance to win the Grand Prix as a result. Moreover, their videos will be displayed on UNIQLO stores worldwide as well.

UNIQLO TikTok profile with #UTPlayYourWorld videos
Screengrab of the UNIQLO TikTok profile with #UTPlayYourWorld videos | Image source: TikTok

The campaign reached 709.8 million views with popular TikTok users joining in. For instance, here are some known TikTokers in the US and Japan who took part in case you missed it last year.

Sebastian Bails (US) – 10.5 million followers


confidence is key ❤️👌🏻 ##UTPlayYourWorld ##PR

♬ #UTPlayYourWorld – UNIQLO UT

OurFire (Japan) – 5.7 million followers


we went to a whole new world 🥳🎡##UTPlayYourWorld ##PR ##ad

♬ #UTPlayYourWorld – UNIQLO UT

TJ Black (US) – 4.5 million followers


Everyone’s been doing clown season but how do we feel about robot mimes? 👀 ##UTPlayYourWorld ##ad

♬ #UTPlayYourWorld – UNIQLO UT

Yua Tsuitsui (Japan) – 361.8k followers


##UTPlayYourWorld ##pr ハルクTシャツでダンシング👾みんなもぜひUTダンスチャレンジしてみて!!! ##ゆあてぃー

♬ #UTPlayYourWorld – UNIQLO UT

Tigh-Z Mona (Japan) – 34.6k followers


@中野亜紀🤩✨ ##tigh_z ##ダンスボーカルグループ ##運営さんオススメへ連れてって ##ut

♬ #UTPlayYourWorld – UNIQLO UT

Why UNIQLO chose TikTok for its UT Collection Campaign?

UNIQLO targeted the young generation of consumers particularly on TikTok for its appeal to their target audience. Coupled with TikTok’s features, it provided users with a chance to express their creativity. Thus, it enabled UNIQLO to build an authentic and diverse connection with a broad audience.

Screen grab of UNIQLO’s UT Collection webpage

Considering TikTok’s interactive and immersive content experience, the #UTPlayYouWorld campaign has also effectively demonstrated the UNIQLO UT Collection brand philosophy – “Wear Your World”.

Screengrab of UNIQLO’s UT Featured Collections |Image source: UNIQLO SG website

Furthermore, UT is UNIQLO’s special collection of graphic t-shirts pop culture icons and influences. Characters like Hello KittySuper MarioDisney Princesses and Villains, superheroes from Marvel, and the upcoming Pokemon collections are some of the prints featured in the UT Collection.

Screen grab of UNIQLO’s UT Collections

UNIQLO: Connecting with Today’s Generation through TikTok

“TikTok empowers everyone to be a creator directly from their smartphones and is committed to building a community by encouraging users to share their passion and creative expression through their videos. We see a huge opportunity for brands to connect with today’s generation and expand their reach by embracing the native, natural and creative form of content on TikTok. We are excited to support the #UTPlayYourWorld campaign and look forward to [continue] supporting the global creative community in the future,” said Masaki Nishida, VP and Head of Monetization for TikTok Japan, in a PR Newswire article.

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