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Why TouTiao Social Media Marketing Is Important For Business

ATC | TouTiao Social Media Marketing

China offers a lot of exciting opportunities for all marketers given its dynamic, huge size and scale market. Numerous social media marketing apps may be growing within its boundary, but TouTiao is one that’s consistent with its strength in content aggregation and distribution. Using AI algorithms, TouTiao analyzes users’ interests to generate tailored news and information. This leveled-up personalized reading makes the Chinese market so much drawn into TouTiao and businesses or marketers must take full advantage.

Let’s understand below how your brand can maximize TouTiao as a social media marketing platform.

TouTiao Advertising on Social Media Marketing

TouTiao being a platform solely for serious reading may not be on your mind to tap unlike other multi-purpose apps in China. But, TouTiao has great potentials, with over 220 million monthly active users (MAU) and 120 million daily active users (DAU) who spend an average of 73 minutes per day, longer than Facebook and Instagram. That’s quite a lot!

But how does it become a social media marketing platform? Basically, TouTiao uniquely display ads within user’s feed, which has 200k+ articles and videos published daily.

TouTiao Advertising Formats

ATC | TouTiao Social Media Marketing

TouTiao has 3 ad formats types supporting both image and video displays. Targeting is personalized by age, gender, occupation, interests, keywords, time, weather, region, phone brand, phone carrier, phone operating system, and even internet connection type.

Full cover open ads – Ads are displayed full screen with image distribution options of either a wide large banner or multiple images (maximum of 3).

In-Feed ads – Different ad styles or layouts, but these ads do not cover the entire screen:

  • Full-width image
  • Post banner
  • Text with a small image
  • 3 small images (like carousel)
  • Image with a call extension
  • App download
    • Full-width image option
    • Post banner option

Streaming feed ads – Ads are also in-feed ads but in video formats.

Benefit of TouTiao Social Media Marketing

ATC | TouTiao Social Media Marketing
Source: Jianshu

Aside from its hundred millions users, TouTiao has a more attractive user base than the others. 85% are young under 35 years old, most come from first and second-tier cities. 41.3% are college students or with bachelor degrees, while 37.8% are business owners or freelancers. All which may have such big influence when it comes to purchasing powers.

Furthermore, TouTiao is a dedicated platform for content consumption. There’s no messaging or other features that would totally distract users from its original intent. Meaning to say, brands can get a hold of the audience’s attention in a surefire way as ads are well-distributed in-feeds too.

More benefits include:

  • Seed audience automation tool, which lets you upload your audience traits and even auto expands it to look for a more “lookalike” audience.
  • Geo-targeting with default 6km radius, useful for offline retailers and brands with specific geo-targeted customers.
  • App targeting, lets brands target users who have installed specific mobile apps. Currently available for Android phones only.
  • Cost-effective platform more than the others as its cost per click (CPC) in most formats ranges from 0.2-1.0 RMB.

Set Up TouTiao Ads with ATC

Advertising on TouTiao can help your brand reach the most interested consumers in China, all thanks to its AI algorithm-driven system. If you’re ready to engage with China social media marketing, contact us now so we can start showcasing your ads on TouTiao.

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