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Moving Into 2021: TikTok Trends from 2020 That Are Here To Stay

TikTok Trends

We’re down to the second month of the year. As the world builds itself back up again, let’s have a look at TikTok trends to look out for in the coming months that marketers may bank on for future campaigns.

2020 Wrap-Up

The world was at a standstill in 2020. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that movement on social media has halted. In fact, with the lockdown, everyone spent more time on their computers and smartphones to connect with the rest of the world. The rapidly growing social media platform TikTok and its community conceived various trends that may continue to shape online consumer behavior in the next couple of years.

The unforeseen events of 2020 changed how we live on the daily. But more importantly, being locked in has contributed to the demand of content categories on TikTok. Cooking-related videos were a massive hit as restaurants closed. And with minimal human interaction, everyone wanted to be in the know, which grew demand for News & Events-related content.

Moving Into 2021

As a marketer, it is imperative to understand which topics are talked about around the world and your locality. Users resonate with content that are in line with current trends. If you are able to incorporate these trends into your brand campaign, then you are definitely at an advantage.

TikTok has identified the most popular categories in the past year, which precede the flow of trends in 2021. They are here to stay, of course. But, the TikTok community will keep coming up with creative topics, as expected.

Top Global Trends

Here’s the lowdown on the top trends worldwide in 2020 as seen on TikTok. Topics range from Comedy to Video Pets to Cooking.

TikTok Trends
Source: TikTok for Business

Local Insights (Southeast Asia)

The trends may also vary between countries and regions. While it’s good to know what the entire world is up to, you still have your local audience to capture. Let’s examine these Southeast Asian countries and their most popular topics that we can expect more of this year.


TikTok Indonesia


To get a sense of human interaction, and to validate newfound interests, users from Indonesia have been leaning towards storytelling. It is not uncommon to find many videos of users who document their day on the platform, and sometimes, even their thoughts and feelings.


As a culture that prides in having rich flavors, it is no surprise that cooking is an activity of high regard despite the lockdown. On TikTok, users are sharing their recipes and ingredients for the rest of the community to use.


‘Laughter is the best medicine,’ they say. With that in mind, users from Indonesia have laughed their way through boredom.


Tiktok Thailand


Learning is power and is exactly what the Thais believe in. Slowing down during the pandemic has given them the opportunity to stray from their usual routine and find the time for new skills and knowledge. The topics that are largely discussed on TikTok include mindfulness, business, finance, DIYs, and maths.


Thailand has a rich and thriving food scene. Despite the lockdown, its people learned dishes and shared ingredients to keep the spark alive. Cooking may not be everybody’s strongest suit, but many content creators on TikTok make meal preps look easy.


As trivial as things may seem, it’s actually the mundane that turn out to be some of the most special moments in life. Diary vlogs reflects a sense of community where users are able to share their interests and their routines.


TikTok Vietnam


There is no end to learning. Looking for ways to stay productive during lockdown, Vietnamese users go on TikTok to find tutorial clips for topics including basic self-care, social matters, and foreign language.

Video Games

Keeping themselves entertained throughout home arrest, the Vietnamese share or watch gaming videos with the TikTok community. This gives them a sense of involvement, where even game hacks and techniques are shown in the videos.


A number of netizens from Vietnam turned to fashion for therapy in these trying times. Expressing oneself in a fun way has been a comfort to many of them.

Now that you have had a glimpse of what to look forward to in 2021, you surely have some fresh ideas now for campaigns to publish on TikTok. Asia Travel Club (ATC) is the official sales partner of ByteDance, creator of TikTok. Contact us for assistance in TikTok marketing.


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