Watch TikTok Influencers Take on the #LifebuoyKarona Hashtag Challenge

ATC Influencer Marketing | TikTok Influencers Join #LifebuoyKarona Hashtag ChallengeTikTok Influencers #LifebuoyKarona Hashtag Challenge

Handwashing is the most effective way to remove germs and harmful bacteria from our hands. However, if not done properly, it may not be as beneficial as it should be.

Amidst the novel coronavirus outbreak, people are always reminded to maintain good personal hygiene to prevent the spread of the virus in the community. Many brands around the world have launched campaigns to re-educate people on how to properly wash their hands. However, it’s hard to stay shipshape all the time.

In times like this, we all need a constant reminder to keep ourselves sanitary. Thankfully, personal care brands like Lifebuoy is there to make handwashing a good habit again with the use of social media.

Let’s have a look at how this TikTok hashtag challenge made handwashing a ‘social media trend’ in India with TikTok influencers and celebrities.

#LifebuoyKarona: Lifebuoy Launched a TikTok Hashtag Challenge in India

In late March, soap brand Lifebuoy launched a TikTok hashtag challenge called #LifebuoyKarona in India. The campaign invites TikTok users to ‘wash your hands like a boss’ and help ‘spread the word, not germs’ by joining the challenge.

ATC Influencer Marketing | TikTok Influencers Join #LifebuoyKarona Hashtag Challenge
Photo credit: www.tiktok.com

The TikTok hashtag challenge successfully reached and engaged India’s millions of TikTok users, gaining an incredible online viewership growth from 5.3 billion to 20.1 billion views in less than a week.

Indian Stars Shilpa Shetty and Badshah Join the #LifebuoyKarona TikTok Challenge

A staggering number of Indians have participated in the #LifebuoyKarona TikTok hashtag challenge including local celebrities and TikTok influencers.

Among the many celebrities who joined, Celebrity Big Brother winner Shilpa Shetty and Indian rapper Badshah stood out in the campaign with 175,000 and 90,000 views respectively.

@theshilpashettyWash karo hands like a BOSS, Challenge karne waalo ko mera applause 👏🏽##LifebuoyKarona @Lifebuoy_India@shamitashettyofficial @therajkundra♬ Lifebuoy Karona – Lifebuoy

@badshahWash karo hands like a boss, Challenge karne waalo ko mera applause ##LifebuoyKarona @Lifebuoy_India♬ Lifebuoy Karona – Lifebuoy

TikTok influencers Riyaz, Awez Darbar, Gima Ashi, Vishal Pandey, and Faiz Baloch also showed their support for the campaign with their own version of the #LifebuoyKarona handwashing video.

In case you missed their TikTok videos, here we have compiled their #LifebuoyKarona videos for you to watch:

Riyaz – 343K views

@riyaz.14Wash your hands like a boss fast,bimari then won’t last!#li#febuoykarona @lifebuoy_india @rizaafreen_17 @imransabunwala_cr7 @mr.raghav25

♬ Lifebuoy Karona – Lifebuoy

Awez Darbar – 84K Views

@awezdarbarBoss bano, handwashing steps follow karo ##lifebuoykarona @lifebuoy_india @vijendrabyou @zaidfdarbar @khan_sultan 😎

♬ Lifebuoy Karona – Lifebuoy

Gima Ashi – 48K Views

@gima_ashiThe power of cure is in your hands. Follow the steps and wash your hands like a boss! ##lifebuoykarona @lifebuoy_india @mrmayankm@deepty13@achchusingh

♬ Lifebuoy Karona – Lifebuoy

Vishal Pandey – 64K Views

@vishalpandey_21Follow the steps and wash your hands like a boss, 20 seconds is all it takes!##lifebuoykarona @lifebuoy_india @sameeksha_sud @daverushi_14 @adnankhan9

♬ Lifebuoy Karona – Lifebuoy

Faiz Baloch – 60K Views


Lifebuoy me Saath haath dhona, fir hi khana! ##lifebuoykarona @lifebuoy_india @shifuians_27 @saddu07dz_ @mr_sohu ##LifebuoyKarona

♬ Lifebuoy Karona – Lifebuoy

TikTok Hashtag Challenge: ‘Make the Good Habit of Handwashing Viral’
Want to help ‘spread the word, not the germs’? Come and join the #LifebuoyKarona hashtag challenge on TikTok!

Simply create a video demonstrating proper handwashing to the tune of the #LifebuoyKarona song. As the celebrities and TikTok influencers are seen wearing red outfits, might as well wear something red, too.

ATC Influencer Marketing | TikTok Influencers Join #LifebuoyKarona Hashtag Challenge
Photo credit: www.tiktok.com

Lastly, when you post your video, don’t forget to tag 3 friends and @lifebuoy_india, and include the hashtag #LifebuoyKarona.

ATC Influencer Marketing | TikTok Influencers Join #LifebuoyKarona Hashtag Challenge
Photo credit: www.tiktok.com

▶  Take on the #LifebuoyKarona challenge! Download the TikTok app here.

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