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7 TikTok Influencers To Follow For Joy And Inspiration


If you are about to run a promotion for your brand targeting young audiences in Gen Z, TikTok and TikTok influencers are supposed to be amazing for brand reach. Credited as a pool of memes, viral dances, soundbites and comedy skits, TikTok successfully pulled more than 800 million MAU in 154 countries and 39 countries. 

At the same time, the influencers on this platform are likely to claim mega-superstar status with millions of followers. Not only are there people who are parts of Gen Z themselves, but there are also many celebrities and influencers from other platforms diving into the deep abyss of TikTok. They will be a great “means” for your brand to spread your message as well as blow up your brand awareness and brand credibility.

Singapore Influencer – Crystabel

Crystabel is a young TikTok star based in Singapore with 229k followers. While her TikTok feed is made up of dancing and lip-syncing videos, her Instagram account, which has 22.1k followers, is filled with fashion and makeup photos.


##POV: Both you & the shy girl (me) was forced to sing a duet. After hearing her voice, you fell for her even deeper.

♬ original sound - original.don

Japan Influencer – Shiho

Being a travel influencer from Japan, Shiho Zekko attracted more than 102.7k followers on TikTok by sharing short videos of picturesque sceneries and her interesting travel stories.

Besides TikTok, she also has her own YouTube channel for capturing longer videos with more details and an Instagram account for aesthetic images.


@junma_0429 さんへの返信 みんな千葉のいいとこ教えて!##みんなに見せたい動画 ##千葉##小湊鉄道

♬ let me show what you're missing - jadejurgenss

Malaysia Influencer – Puspa Wafiy

Puspa is getting more famous with a variety of creative contents that she shares on her feed from skits, makeup videos, dancing with her friends.

She has become one of the successful TikTok influencers in Malaysia with 1.1 million followers.


Pasangan anda memanggil anda dengan gelaran apa yea? Sayang? Baby? @bebyachaa iloveyoursong ##anjebeby ##atmix ##dekantin

♬ AnjeBeby - PUSPA WAFIY

Vietnam Influencer –  Quang Dang

In fact, Quang Dang is a well-known professional dancer based in Vietnam. TikTok is like a dreamland where he can show his dancing skills and grab more public attention.

Quang Dang attracted nearly 497k followers on the social media platform. Besides, he collaborated with The Health Ministry and created the viral dance for “Ghen Co Vy” song in their TikTok campaign. This dance was very popular during the outbreak of COVID-19.


Xin cảm ơn @UNICEF vì đã đặt niềm tin ở Đăng để cùng lan tỏa thông điệp ý nghĩa này 🤗 ##vudieuruatay ##ghencovychallenge ##unicef ##tiktokvietnam

♬ Ghen Cô Vy (Vũ Điệu Rửa Tay) - Khắc Hưng, MIN, ERIK

Thailand Influencer – Thitaree

Thitaree is one of the popular TikTok influencers in Thailand who gained around 4.2 millions followers. The platform is where she uploads videos of makeup, comedies, and dance.

In addition to TikTok, Thitaree also has a presence on Instagram and YouTube. 

Taiwan Influencer – Dia

Using his own sense of humor, Dia who is based in Taiwan has gained notoriety as a TikTok creator with nearly 520k followers on his channel.

In his feed, Dia shares entertaining videos of himself dancing, lip-syncing, and acting.


沒聽過上廁所還要打領帶的😂😂 @于小文 @阿法 ##領帶變裝

♬ 原聲 - 豪豬

Korea Influencer – Meokneun Hyeong

Meokneun Hyeong is a Korean social media influencer who shares a lot of ASMR eating videos and food reviews. He knows how to elevate his fame with the mouthwatering food videos that will make you drool. That’s why the influencer was able to attract more than 759k people following his channel.


모짜렐라 치즈폭탄&불닭&핵불닭소스 먹끼!! Mozzarella Cheese Bomb&Nuclear Spicy Sauce 🧀🔥💣 @hungrydong ##띠동갑형##먹기##tthebro##eating##mukbang##fyp##foryou##koreanboy

♬ Yummy - Justin Bieber

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