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The Surge of Tik Tok Influencer Marketing and Its Importance

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Tik Tok has been undergoing a fast growth recently. It emerges as one of the new social media platforms that businesses can make use of in order to build up their brand awareness, following Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. As a consequence, influencer marketing on Tik Tok is sprouting up left and right. Apparently, it provokes businesses to give it a try due to the rocket-fueled increase in active users. If you are still not considering influencer marketing on Tik Tok, keep scrolling down to see why you should equip your brand with the knowledge.
ATC Influncer Marketing | The Surge of Tik Tok Influencer Marketing and Its Importance

What is Tik Tok and how does it work?

Tik Tok is a China-based social networking service launched in 2017 by Bytedance. In China, the application is also known as Douyin which is exclusive for the domestic market. Basically, if we have Youtube for sharing long videos, Tik Tok is a mobile application for short-form videos. It is an ideal destination for content creators and a paradise of use-generated videos. They can create and upload their creatives no matter which genre it is: from lip-sync, music, talent to comedy, and viral challenges.



Join the Galaxy A ##danceAwesome challenge with @blackpinkofficial !

♬ original sound – Samsung



Chúc cả nhà sáng Chủ nhật ở nhà vui vẻ ♥️ ##vtv24 ##thankyouhero ##haydungyenkhitoquoccan ##conseonha ##onhavanvui ##tiktokvietnam ##trending

♬ original sound – VTV24

Additionally, the novelty value and easy-to-use interface of Tik Tok propel its ongoing growth. The app appeals to throngs of young digital natives which brings it to the top of downloading charts in not only Asian countries but also Western regions. Tik Tok reached 1.5 billion all-time downloads and 500 millions daily active users.



@rybkatwinsofficial rockin’ our pastel collection🙌 which colour is your fave? ##gymshark66

♬ original sound – gymshark

Influencer Marketing on Tik Tok

Tik Tok is a youth-oriented social media platform targeting the youngsters of Generation Z. At the same time, we all know how important influencer marketing is nowadays when it comes to product promotion. The fact that a lot of people are easily influenced by celebrities and KOLs is undeniable. Hence, marketers can not ignore such a promising marketing tool if they are targeting young audiences.



DAMN my lashes look THICK! Wearing the @toofaced DAMN GIRL mascara ##TooFacedPartner ##TFDamnGirl ##sponsored

♬ When I Get Going – Kallico

Then, the key to success in any influencer marketing campaign is to find the most suitable influencers who appeal your primary targets.



Don’t let a cold limit your fun this holiday! I am ##TooSickToBeSick 😎🔥 ##Mucinex ##Sponsored

♬ #TooSickToBeSick – Join The Challenge

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