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TikTok Marketing Guide: Getting to Know TikTok Ad Formats [5 Examples]


TikTok has become more popular and better known in the digital marketing space. In fact, the video-sharing app rose from nowhere to the most downloaded app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

That is to say, the potential of TikTok can never be undermined, especially for its advertising opportunities. With a variety of TikTok ad formats available, TikTok ads is expected to be a winning asset for brands and businesses across the globe.

In the digital world, TikTok somewhat stands out from other social media apps. With its massive audience belonging to Generation Z, no doubt it now encompasses Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter in many aspects.

Likewise, the advertising competition on TikTok is apparently not as tense as it is in other platforms. 

Despite TikTok being a young player, its significant rise in user base makes it a lucrative platform for global advertisers. In fact, it already owns a list of big brands carrying out TikTok ad campaigns. This includes Lifebuoy, Nike, NYX, and Fenty Beauty. 

But before you dive deeper into TikTok ads, let’s have a glimpse of all the available ad formats.

5 Best TikTok Ad Formats and Examples

TikTok provides several advertisement options for interested brands. Generally, the ads are designed to effectively reach your target demographic within the app.

While there are many options to choose from, let’s focus on the best TikTok ad formats that you can use for your campaign.

TopView Ads

This ad type comes in video format, and immediately shows after opening the app. Due to its strategic placement, it is considered a visually impactful way to reach and engage your budding audiences. 

TikTok Ads Format | Top View

Brand Takeover

This ad format is shown to TikTok users on the app launch screen. It also comes in video format, which can be either a 3-second static image or a 3-5 second video without audio. 

TikTok Ads Format | Brand takeover

In-feed Ads

Embedded on “For You” feed, In-feed Ad is a typical video ad that you see on Facebook or Instagram. Moreover, the ad is displayed as an up-to-60-second video with sound-on.

TikTok Ads Format | Infeed

Branded Hashtag Challenge

This ad type is designed to encourage user-generated content (UGC) to promote the campaign. Its main feature is a hashtag, which users incorporate in their videos to join the challenge. Among all TikTok ad types, it is the most unique format that generates mass exposure and vastly compels to your target audience.

TikTok Ads Format | Hashtag

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Branded Effect

Visually creative effects are one of the reasons TikTok is popular among the younger generation. Hence, the branded effect ad type emerged and became TikTok’s signature ad created. For three days, it appears on the first screen of the effect panel, which encourages brand engagement.


With such a wide range of advertising options, it’s important that you carefully select the most suitable format for your brand. Having a well-planned advertising strategy helps you reach your marketing goals and maximise your budget without wasting a single cent.

However, to sufficiently plan your marketing strategy, you must be deeply familiar with the app’s capabilities, particularly its advertising platform. So, if you’re looking for assistance on TikTok ads, let ATC help you with the right strategy.

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