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WATCH: Men’s Biore Collaborates with Malaysian Influencer Sterk Production

WATCH Men’s Biore Collaborates with Malaysian Influencer Sterk Production

Influencer marketing has proven yet another success in introducing a new product identity. On Saturday, Kao brand Men’s Biore launched its new ‘Micro Detox Action’ product packaging on Facebook. With the help of a Malaysian influencer, it raised awareness on its new double scrub packaging.

Malaysian video influencer Sterk Production helped create the video for Men’s Biore. The video particularly centred on the Double Scrub Facial Foam Oil Clear product and its skin-improving effects.

Likewise, the influencer marketing campaign also highlighted the two ongoing contests of Men’s Biore on Facebook.

Sterk Production: Malaysian Influencers (447k YouTube Subscribers)

Apart from its massive fan base on YouTube, Sterk Production also has 346k followers on Instagram. On YouTube, they have 447k subscribers.

With this in mind, Men’s Biore managed to collaborate with Sterk to help in their campaign. As a result, the video gained incredible results in less than a week.

To date, the video posted on Men’s Biore’s Facebook page earned 281k views and 2.1k engagement.

On the other hand, the same video posted on the influencer’s Instagram page garnered over 47k views in six days.

In case you missed the video, here’s the full clip:

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Malaysia Influencer and Golden Tulip Haeundae Hotel & Suites

ATC Influencer Marketing | Malaysia Influencer Vogue Sisters collaborates with Golden Tulip Haeundae Hotel Busan

Located in the most strategic location possible in Busan, there lies a beautiful hotel that seamlessly provides the best experience you can ever get here, away from the hustle-bustle of city – Golden Tulip Haeundae Hotel & Suites.

This hotel lives up to its expectations of being cosy and comfortable stay, fitting to be a part of the world-renowned Louvre Hotel Group.


Malaysian Influencer connects with Golden Tulip Haeundae Hotel & Suites


ATC | Malaysian Influencer Partner with Golden Tulip Haeundae via Influencer Marketing | 1

In order to build a strong and effective marketing strategy, Golden Tulip Haeundae Hotel & Suites have decided to collaborate with Asia Travel Club (ATC) via Influencer Marketing.

The hotel has successfully connected with Malaysian Influencer and travel enthusiast Vogue Sisters (@voguesistersforever) under ATC’s #StaysForStories program from the ATC Social App.

Postings about the hotel

ATC | Malaysian Influencer Partner with Golden Tulip Haeundae via Influencer Marketing | 2

Through this collaboration, Malaysian Influencer Vogue Sister has posted 3 mirror post on both Facebook and Instagram accounts. The first post is about the interior of the hotel room. She has complimented on the spacious hotel room with big bathrooms and fully equipped hotel amenities.

The second post was about the exterior location and wonderful rooftop view of the hotel. She mentioned that the location was strategic and can easily access to different tourist locations. While the third post is about her experience with Urban Plant cafe, complimenting on the serene environment with rustic decorations and delicious delicacies served.


Reviews of the hotel

Last but not least, this Malaysian influencer has also written a Google Review and TripAdvisor Review about her stay. She loves the impressive gadgets and convenience of hotel location that provides her with a fruitful trip.

ATC | Malaysian Influencer Partner with Golden Tulip Haeundae Hotel via Influencer Marketing | 4

You can check out her Instagram postings below:



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🥰 Busan! Yay, I’m back in Korea 🇰🇷, this time, we got to stay at The Golden Tulip Haeundae, just a short distance away from the famous Haeundae beach🏖 . I was pretty amazed at the hotel room 🏢 itself, the space felt just right, with a bigger bathroom🚿than most hotels in the same range, but more importantly, with the amenities they equip you with! Minibars and TVs 📺 are standard, but this room also came with a microwave oven, induction cooker, washing machine AND a Tromm Styler (for dry cleaning and de-wrinkling clothes after a full day); I was curious so I tried it on my jackets, swipe left to see it in action! . A great start to the trip! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #GoldenTulipHaeundaeHotel&Suite #travel141, #asiatravelclub #goldentuliphotel #goldentuliphaeundaehotelnsuites #visitbusan #visitbusankorea #visitkorea #explorebusan #busantravel #busantrip #busan🇰🇷 #busankorea #discoverkorea #discoverbusan #busan #staysforstories #travelkorea #koreatravels #busanhotel #busanvisit #busanexplore #busandiscovery #trazymemories

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🏖 Haeundae Beach🏖and the popular boulevard leading to it and a food🥙alley were just a short walk from my hotel, The Golden Tulip. I enjoyed the sights and sounds of the city🏙and I could reach most of the city’s popular destinations by a combination of bus🚌or train🚆 . In fact, the Airport Bus🚌Limousine which only charges 7000won on a public holiday (cheaper on normal days) stops very near the hotel, ensuring asmooth trip to and fro from the airport✈️ . I also got the chance to visit the rooftop of the hotel for a great view🏙of the area so don’t miss that if you happen to be staying at the same place💖 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #GoldenTulipHaeundaeHotel&Suite #travel141, #asiatravelclub #goldentuliphotel #goldentuliphaeundaehotelnsuites #visitbusan #visitbusankorea #visitkorea #explorebusan #busantravel #busantrip #busan🇰🇷 #busankorea #discoverkorea #discoverbusan #busan #staysforstories #travelkorea #koreatravels #busanhotel #busanvisit #busanexplore #busandiscovery

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☕️ I couldn’t resist trying out the Urban Plant cafe on the 2nd floor of the Golden Tulip, the sandwich I ordered (huge portion was given) was really yummy😋and the coffee☕️for brunch was definitely welcome as I had a full day ahead. . Sitting in the cafe felt like being in a quiet retreat away from the bustling city of Busan especially with all the greenery🌱and the rustic decor. With the smell of coffee accompanied by soft music🎷, it was a perfect morning🌥 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #GoldenTulipHaeundaeHotel&Suite #travel141, #asiatravelclub #goldentuliphotel #goldentuliphaeundaehotelnsuites #visitbusan #visitbusankorea #visitkorea #explorebusan #busantravel #busantrip #busan🇰🇷 #busankorea #discoverkorea #discoverbusan #busan #staysforstories #travelkorea #koreatravels #busanhotel #busanvisit #busanexplore #busandiscovery

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