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Greenfields Milk partners with Hong Kong Parenting Influencers

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Greenfields, the largest dairy company in Southeast Asia, produces 100% fresh, natural, and without additives milk in their very own farm in Java Highland. Greenfields took an opportunity to partner with two Hong Kong influencers who are also mothers, for their recent campaign.

Check out why these dedicated moms choose to bring Greenfields Milk to their family.

Greenfields Milk: Trusted for its Best Quality

Yan Ng (@yan512)

Yan Ng first shared on her Instagram, the jobs and missions of being a mom. One is to make sure they save the best for the next generation.

She also explained in her recent post, the importance of selecting ingredients that make up quality food. A reason why she chose Greenfields as the products are 100% natural with no additives.

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朋友都說媽媽是一份不眠不休的工作, 要睇老闆仔面色, 唔使旨意準時收工, 不過你會好樂意為老闆仔服務, 最好佢一世都要依賴你。👩‍👧 其實媽媽嘅工作係好有使命感, 我相信每位媽媽都會有100%嘅熱誠,將最好嘅嘢留俾下一代。 依家要堅持百分百純天然嘅理念 真係好難得, Greenfields擁有自家綜合牛奶生產農場, 使用100% 自家奶源, 加上整個生產及包裝過程 都在自家廠房完成, 確保統一控制品質, 提供純天然、無添加、新鮮牛奶。 有媽媽留意到之前一直缺貨, 依家誠哥旗下嘅超市有得賣, 將最好同最愛分享啦!🥰 #Greenfields #爪哇高地直送 #熱誠製造每口鮮味

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兩年前開設第一間飯團店,對於飲食行業認知不多,所有事情都要從頭學起。到今天,想保持食物水準,我知道選材最緊要,揀天然無添加嘅食材,最能帶出食物嘅原味道。這一點原則對自己食嘅食物都一樣。 從小我就喜歡奶類製品,又香又滑嘅牛奶我最為喜愛,市面上有部分牛奶都有添加劑,但Greenfields無論係鮮牛奶、低脂牛奶、脫脂牛奶,都百分百純天然、無添加。原因係佢哋喺印尼爪哇高地有自家綜合牛奶生產農場,絕不混合奶源,可以控制品質。 想家人食得健康,食得放心,揀一間有良心嘅企業 Greenfields,自然就倍加安心。 Greenfields牛奶依家喺誠哥旗下嘅超市有得賣。 #Greenfields #爪哇高地直送 #熱誠製造每口鮮味

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Mandy (@mandeeeee)

Modern mom Mandy also expressed in her Instagram posts how happy she is to find a brand that shares the same value with her. What she has for her own social media presence and behind how Greenfields milk is made – with passion and effort to produce the best quality of milk – is truly a match.

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I bet you never give a lot of thought as to where the milk you buy comes from! Some brands buy milk from the mixed farms where they have no quality control over. Our family chooses Greenfields milk for their consistent quality, derived from their very own farms! They have farms and integrated dairy business in the Java Highland, so they get to have full control over each step of the milk processing and packaging. I also bet you think buying skimmed milk or low-fat milk means making a healthier choice? That only holds true if there are no additives used in the process! Greenfields milks are 100% fresh and natural with NOTHING added to it. Less is more! Our family only chooses milk that are healthy, fresh, high quality and with no additives. Makes sure you read the ingredients list in the packaging (those with e-codes) or just trust me and start drinking Greenfields milk. Available in ParknShop, Taste, Fusion, Great and International. #Greenfields #爪哇高地直送 #熱誠製造每口鮮味

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For more information, visit Greenfields Hong Kong Facebook page.

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Dewa Phuket Resort connects with Hong Kong Influencer

ATC Influencer Marketing | Hong Kong Influencer Issac Yiu collaborates with Dewa Phuket Resort

Tucked just a few steps away from the beautiful and calm Nai Yang Beach is Dewa Phuket Resort, a dazzling paradise not far from Phuket International Airport. Getting here only takes an 8-minute drive as soon as you land, proving that paradise isn’t always a far-off island that requires hours and hours of travel.

At Dewa Phuket Resort, it is a beautiful blend of concepts—a resort and a holiday apartment in one. With that, families and honeymooners are bound to have a grand time at their selection of 28 villas, 56 deluxe rooms and 46 one- and two-bedroom apartments—all designed with comfort in mind.

Hong Kong Influencer/ YouTuber post on Dewa Phuket Resort

Travel141 | Dewa Phuket Resort connects with Hong Kong Influencer via Influencer Marketing | 1

In order to create a strong and effective marketing strategy, Dewa Phuket Resort has chosen to collaborate with Asia Travel Club via influencer marketing. The resort has successfully paired and connected with Hong Kong influencer/ YouTuber Issac Yiu (@issac_yiu) under ATC’s #StayForStories program from the ATC Messenger Social App.

With over 56k followers in Instagram, Issac Yiu has created 3 Instagram post highlighting the sparkling outdoor swimming pool of the resort, as well as complementing on the overall ambience and heavenly like resort environment.

Travel141 | Dewa Phuket Resort connects with Hong Kong Influencer via Influencer Marketing | 2

Besides, each of his posts has accumulated almost 2000 likes, with a video showing him using the gym facilities in the resort.

You can check on his Instagram post below:


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👽HEY👽 1️⃣❓or 2️⃣ ❓which one is the best pose 🌈 . . #issacyiu #dewaphuket #travel141 #asiatravelclub

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