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What is WeChat Mini Program?

WeChat Mini Program is a useful feature of the ‘super app’ in terms of online shopping and entertainment. With over 3.9 million mini programs and 450 million daily active users, the ‘app within an app’ runs on both iOS or Android gadget. Mini programs are believed to be ‘more convenient than traditional apps.’

Over the years, millions of mini-programs have already been launched, covering various industries with diverse functions such as e-commerce, travel ticket booking, food ordering, task management, coupons, etc. Currently, the mini-program has become one of the key channels in which brands can reach prospective customers through WeChat.

What are the Benefits of WeChat Mini Program?

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How to Access the WeChat Mini Program?

There are many ways to access Mini Program. The most popular way is to swipe down the interface on WeChat to access a list of saved or recently used Mini Programs.

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50% of Mini Programs are about Lifestyle

Among all the industries, Mini Program was the second WeChat feature successfully developed right next to online games, excluding eCommerce.

5 Examples of Mini Programs in Singapore

Singapore has been one of the favourite destinations for Chinese travellers. This is why Singapore businesses and agencies developed and set up their own WeChat Official Accounts, Mini Programs, and WeChat Pay. Various sectors from business trade, tourist destinations to daily lifestyle jump into the Chinese messaging app, making Mini Program grow popular in the country.

1. Chando

Chando is a home fragrance brand, providing a unique personalized space, and satisfying both your olfactory and visual satisfies the consumers’ sensations. They launched their WeChat Mini Program to reach more of their Chinese consumers.

2. Changi Airport

Changi Airport rolled out a Mini Program to improve tourist experience. Compared to regular website and apps, Mini Program is simplified, loads faster, and does not need to be downloaded! Moreover, users from China can conveniently access information about Changi Airport through the mini app.

3. Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS)

Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) launched a Mini Program to introduce the attractions and facilities at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Night Safari, River Safari, and Singapore Zoo. Also, the app provides ticket booking services.

4. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines established its WeChat Mini Program to cater Chinese travellers. This will make it easier for people to book flights and see the latest news about Singapore Airlines.

ATC | WeChat Mini ProgramSingapore Airline


5. ATC Booking Engine

ATC WeChat Booking Engine provides Chinese customers with the most convenient direct booking experience. Through the mini app, they can search, compare, book, and pay for their reservations right within WeChat.

WeChat Mini Program ATC Booking Engine

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About Asia Travel Club

Asia Travel Club (ATC) is a social media agency focusing on influencer and social messaging marketing. The ATC Social App, a proprietary platform that sits on social messaging apps – Facebook Messenger, WeChat Mini Program, LINE and KakaoTalk connect our hotel partners with over 3,000 influencers across China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

ATC is the Official Sales Partner of Tencent (WeChat), Weibo and Bytedance (TikTok, 抖音 DouYin & 头条 TouTiao). Our China Digital Marketing team has verified more than 100+ WeChat and Weibo Official accounts.

ATC Booking Engine Mini Program allows our travel partners to reach Chinese travellers directly via their Official WeChat Account. It also allows Chinese travellers to book, pay via WeChat Pay and receive confirmation – all within the WeChat application.

Asia Travel Club is a member of Digital 38 Group.

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