7 Photography Influencers leading you to an aesthetic world


Instagram – A paradise for Photography Influencers

Out of all social media platforms, it’s undeniable that Instagram is the most powerful platform for photography. It allows users to show their art preference. Hence, this platform is a paradise for photography influencers where they can show stunning photographs we once only expected to see in high-end magazines or in exhibitions.  

If you are looking for inspiring photography influencers for your campaigns, this list is here for you. We have gathered some outstanding Instagram photographers across Asia to explore how these photography influencers make their feed different from others.

Singapore Influencer – Jeryl. T 

Jeryl. T (@j9ryl) is a photographer with 63.4k followers on his Instagram account. He gained Insta-fame with aesthetic photos of city landscapes across Asia. His feed is overwhelmed with breathtaking images of Singapore – the country where he lives.

Malaysia Influencer – Ian Teh

Ian Teh (@inatehphotography) is one of the top photographers from Malaysia who received several honors in the Photography industry. His works have been published in a variety of international magazines such as National Geographic, The New Yorker, and Bloomberg Businessweek. 

Being such a successful photographer, Ian Teh has gained more than 28k followers on his Instagram account. His feed is full of hauntingly beautiful images of his daily life.

Korea Influencer – Jini

Creating a beautiful newsfeed littered with a consistent vibe, Jini (@jinifoto), a professional photographer based in Korea, gained approximately 134k followers on Instagram. At the moment, he is the head photographer at JINISTYLE – a photography studio

Japan Influencer – Shigatsu 

Shigatsu (@shigatsu0926) is a Japanese photographer. He became well-known with colorful photographs of adorable children. Overloaded with the cuteness, his Instagram account has attracted around 34.2k followers.  

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. . . 年長さんになりましたジャンプ🙌🌸 . . 愛知は19日まで学校がお休みになったので それに合わせて幼稚園も 始業式だけやって後は休園です . お友達と遊べないけれど 👦「コロナだからねー しかたないねー」 と小さいながらも納得してくれています😭 . 休みの間は母ちゃんと遊ぼうねと言ったら 👦「遊んであげてもいいよー」 なんて上から来ましたよ 遊んでもらってるの私の方かい😂 . . —– このアカウントは以前から お家の中でネタ写真を撮ったり、合成やったりと お出かけを必要としないものも出していたので そのあたりは変わりませんが 新規のお出かけ写真のポストが無くなります (自治体ルール内のお散歩写真は撮るかも) . もう一つのアカウントはお出かけ先での 写真練習アカだったのでポストをお休みします . . 長期戦になりそうですね カメラもインスタも できる範囲で楽しめるように工夫します そして、息子に遊んでもらいます👦 . . ───────────────── location : Aichi camera : CANON 6DmarkⅡ ───────────────── #新学期 #桜 #sakura #ソメイヨシノ #kids_japan #広がり同盟メンバー #IGersJP #team_jp_ #IG_PHOS #bestjapanpics #tokyocameraclub #art_of_japan_ #instagram #東京カメラ部 #Lovers_Nippon_Portrait #daily_photo_jpn #hubsplanet #Japan_Daytime_View #Lovers_Nippon #月刊8月のクリスマス #子供とお出かけ部 #jalan_travel #visit_tokai #photo_shorttrip #photoplusme #名古屋インスタ交流会 #はなまっぷ

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Thailand Influencer – Surachai Saengsuwan

Surachai Saengsuwan (@sousla_pluie) is a fashion photographer from Thailand. The influencer has gained more than 20.3k followers on Instagram due to his colorful peace of art for fashion magazines in Thailand.

Vietnam Influencer – Tran Tuan Viet

Tran Tuan Viet (@vietsui) is a photographer who is in love to be a visually storyteller. He experienced every genre of photography from landscape, objects to humans. His artwork is filled with Vietnamese vibe. At the moment, his Instagram account has 217k followers.

Hong Kong Influencer – Wade Wong

Wade Wong (@photowadew) is not only a travel blogger but also a professional phographer from Hong Kong. He devoted himself into various categories of photography such family, wedding, and landscape shooting. Having a aesthetically pleasing Insta feed, Wade has got 15.6k followers so far.

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