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LG Vietnam Launches Campaign for LG Instaview Door-in-Door

ATC | LG Instaview DID Featured Image 11052020Image Source: LG Vietnam/Facebook

LG Vietnam launched its media campaign for the LG Instaview Door-in-Door.

LG Launches New Refrigerators

Image Source: LG Vietnam/Facebook

LG is one of the top electronic groups and home appliances in Korea. In 2020, LG Group revealed its high-tech fridges with integrated AI technology. LG fridges have a smart camera system that can identify the food in it. It is also capable of recommending users essential items they need, and even suggests daily meals based on the food available inside the refrigerator.

LG released two high-end refrigerators – the InstaView ThinQ furnished with AI and the InstaView with Craft Ice. Both models have a 22-inch transparent screen that let the users take a peek inside without opening the fridge. Thus, it helps users save on electricity.

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LG Vietnam shared a video on Instagram with a caption:

Don’t miss your chance to get the LG InstaView DID refrigerator!

Is it convenient when you can see the objects inside without opening the door? Have you ever experienced it? Please share see-through objects like LG InstaView DID for your chance to win.

📌How to join:

①Take a photo of the item and post it to your account and the reason why it makes your life more convenient.

②Tag @lgvietnam and include the following hashtags

#LGInstaViewDID #GoCuaHaiLanNhinThauBenTrong #EventNhinThauBenTrong

LG Vietnam Conducts Media Campaign

LG conducts the LG InstaView contest and requests Vietnamese influencers to promote their new refrigerators to the local market.

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Through ATC, LG Vietnam has cooperated with @mitgramm in the Instaview campaign to promote the media campaign in Vietnam. With her great influence on social media sites, Thanh Huyen (@mitgramm) has created strong, far-reaching effects for LG’s Instaview campaign.

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