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Jaslyn Goh – A Singapore vegan influencer giving you a burst of inspiration

ATC Influencer Marketing | Jaslyn Goh - A Sinapore Vegan Influencer

It is undeniable that “vegan” is getting more airtime recently. In a bid to engage in a sustainable and healthy lifestyle as well as to help the earth, there are more and more people who are following veganism. However, being a full-fledged vegan is not easy because it requires people to eliminate all animal products not only from their diet but also their daily life such as beauty products, or clothing. Therefore, if there is anyone not ready for this, they will definitely need a source of inspiration. 

We gladly welcome Jaslyn Goh (@jaslyngoh) to join us. She is a Singaporean influencer who can inspire you with flavorful vegan recipes and ethical plant-based lifestyle.

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Huge thank you to everyone who has been supporting @souleygreen & @naturescharmsg these few years 💚💙 It definitely wasn’t an easy journey but to see how much the company has grown makes me motivated to push harder. Although many times when obstacles get harder and workload piles up (and I feel like giving up), I look back at how far I’ve made it and tell myself “nows not the time to walk away. You’ve only just begun!” 😭💪🏼 • For those who are new here or dont know wtf I’m talking about, here’s a rundown: - I started @souleygreen in 2016. We began as a curated store selling #vegan & #crueltyfree products. For 2 years, I’ve tried and tasted many products to make sure it’s a right fit for the store. We went to many pop ups but back then people didn’t give a hoot about veganism. - 2018 was a great breakthrough for us. We became the exclusive distributor of @naturescharm 🥳 This was when we started pitching to stores/restaurants/supermarkets and proving that WE WILL BE THE CHANGE in the industry. However, things were still rocky as not many BELIEVED in us (unfortunately). Kuddos to our first few clients - @beriwell & @thebowlcosg for having faith in @naturescharmsg and I 🙆🏻‍♀️ Things picked up from here. - Now in 2020, we are working with @shangrilahotels @kiposgourmet @plantfacemeals @fsomsg just to name a few ☺️ Swipe left to see the list of places you can find @naturescharmsg in SG 🥳🙌🏼 It won’t stop here 😉 • If you’d like to sell/use @naturescharmsg in your store, feel free to drop me a message/email and we’ll take it from there ☺️ And for buying customers, let me know where else you’d like to see us at 🤩 #souleygreen #naturescharm #naturescharmsg

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Jaslyn Goh – A passionate vegan blogger

Jaslyn Goh’s Instagram is the perfect feed to scroll through which will mesmerise you with her mouthwatering foody photos. Besides, she also has her own blog to share her detailed recipes and her advice for a sustainable life. She has shared a lot of stories about her passion in food styling and photography. Also, it is a space for Jaslyn Goh to have her own shop for cruelty-free products. 

Try out these recipes available on Jaslyn’s blog, Instagram and her YouTube channel!

ATC Influencer Market | Vegan Recipes to try by Singapore Influencer Jaslyn Goh
Photos by @jaslyngoh

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