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TV Host Isha Norsham takes over TikTok & Instagram too!

ATC Influencer Marketing | Malaysia Influencer Isha NorshamSource: @ishanorsham

Get Inspired by Isha Norsham (@ishanorsham)

Isha Norsham (@ishanorsham) is a Malaysian TV host and influencer with 35.7K followers on her Instagram page. From dancing videos to reviews and fashion to fitness,  Isha gives us a glimpse into her daily life through her interesting content.

ATC Influencer Marketing | Isha Norsham
Source: @ishanorsham Instagram
ATC Influencer Marketing | Isha Norsham
Source: @ishanorsham Instagram

Isha Norsham is also a TV Host

Does @ishanorsham look familiar? This is because she is also a host for Astro Gempak TV.

ATC Influencer Marketing | Isha Norsham
Source: @ishanorsham Instagram

Isha Norsham Viral Video on TikTok

Besides her well-curated Instagram page and hosting gig, Isha is also a TikTok creator (@ishanorsham). With over 57K followers, her TikTok content often shows off her dancing talent. Her take on the #anysongchallenge has 40K views on TikTok. She also put her own spin on the #TakutKeTakDance challenge by GSC Movies .

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