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Staying Relevant this 2020: Influencer Marketing Trends and Tips

ATC Influencer Marketing | Influencer Marketing Trends 2020

Are You Ready for this Year’s Influencer Marketing Trends?

It seems like yet another big year for the rapidly growing Influencer Marketing, especially so with the rise of its demand. More and more brands are adding a relevant budget for their influencer marketing strategy this 2020. However, as it is also ever-changing, both digital marketers and influencers alike should keep up on the upcoming influencer marketing trends.

Check out what to expect with this year’s influencer marketing trends below!

Authenticity to Amp Engagement

The visually appealing photos that have been plastered in most, if not all,  influencer’s Instagram account has received its glory. With the multiple photo editing applications that have come about, curated feeds are but a commonplace. This has also contributed to the success of Instagram influencer marketing.

Staying Relevant this 2020: Influencer Marketing Trends and Tips| Asia Travel Club

However, there is a clamour for more behind-the-scene tidbits as well as some raw photos. Ephemeral content such as Instagram stories has been utilised to show such photos. Polished-looking aside, these time-constrained posts bring about excitement, realness, and more engagement which can be more relatable to followers.

Nano Influencers and Macro Influencers to Shine

Staying Relevant this 2020: Influencer Marketing Trends and Tips| Asia Travel Club

Last year’s focus was macro influencers. But this year, brands are looking into the nano and micro influencers to tap across the niche market.

This is a complete opposite of the grandiose marketing of macro influencers. Diving into the niche market through nano and micro influencers can initiate a more intimate connection with their followers. Other than the benefit of a deeper reach, this change in tactic can be a cost-effective opportunity for gathering knowledge about their target market.

The Growth of Video Content

Staying Relevant this 2020: Influencer Marketing Trends and Tips| Asia Travel Club

Short-form video platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, and the emerging new player TikTok have been making waves of engagement this past few months. The same goes for long-form video platforms such as IGTV, YouTube, and Facebook Live. Video content has been receiving maximum engagement rate across social media platforms and with that in mind, the demand will continue on this year.

Other than that, GIFs, stop motion, simulations, and VR will begin to see an increase in demand as well.

Normalization of Long-Term Relationships with Influencers

Staying Relevant this 2020: Influencer Marketing Trends and Tips| Asia Travel Club

Most brands and influencers have a fleeing relationship where brands usually partner up with influencers on a campaign by campaign basis. This is, unless, the brand decides to tie-up with the same influencer after some success in their influencer marketing strategy.

On the contrary, this year is showing up to be the year where brands will build a stronger and longer relationship with influencers. Brands are vying for the authenticity and the trust that influencers can build with their followers.

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