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Are you looking for fitness influencers?

Fitness influencers are on everyone’s radar. Either a gym buff or just starting to get in the groove as these group of social media influencers promote a healthy, balanced, and active lifestyle.

Fitness influencers are making a name in the digital age. Each one of them has distinctive, signature content made to capture everyone’s attention, including brands. They usually share their exercise routine, like running, boxing, cycling, circuit training, barre, yoga practice and more. Other than their sweaty yet rewarding workout, fitness influencers post their meal plans and different tips to stay in shape.

For fitness influencers, appealing and authentic content is the key to stand out from the crowd. Besides their curated feed, imparting relevant information catch the attention of many.

As mentioned, brands collaborate with effective fitness influencers too; since influencer marketing is no longer limited to hosts and celebrities. Read on and meet the seven fitness influencers who have a high fan base who’ve worked with known brands.

Singapore – Tong Jia En

Tiong Jia En, Miss Universe Singapore 2018 First Runner Up radiates a positive vibe on her Instagram account. She does not only motivate people online, 111k followers to be exact, but even in real life. Tiong Jia En, a Singapore influencer, is in fact a trainer too!

Peek into @iamjiaen Instagram and laugh away with her #CanOrNotChallenge Ghost Pepper Noodles for Daebak.

See her other collabs with Dyson, Bvlgari Parfums, Garmin Venu, Milo Singapore, OtterBox Asia, Benefit, Herbal Essences, and Foreo.

Malaysia – Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee, TV Host, Radio Announcer, and of course Sports Presenter portrays a strong, confident, career woman. Her profile is a mix of events, fitness and leisure.

@mich8lee already established herself on social media. Be it events or product placements; big brands are fond of teaming up with her. Michelle Lee has a history of working with Armani, Lancome, Laura Mercier, Chloé, Hublot, Aveda Malaysia, Laneige, and Whoo. In fact, the Malaysia influencer teamed up with Honda too.

Malaysia – Jazel Lim

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Here’s 3 out of the many bum workout I go for, I forgot to film the last one but I ended with Bulgarian Split Squat 😊 1. Barbell Squat 4 x 10 ( working yr weights up with x 8 till you’re at ur heaviest ) Muscles Worked: Glutes, Quads, Hams & Calves 2. Dumbbell Stiff Legged Deadlift 4 x 12 ( also working your way up with lightest to your heaviest ) Muscles Worked: Hips, core,Glutes as well as the muscles of the middle and upper back 3. Dumbbell Hip Thrust 4 x 10 ( also working your way up till you can only do 10 ) Muscles Worked: Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings For all these workouts, i usually squeeze at the end with a few seconds pause + I go slow then I squeeze hard & fast. Have fun ❤️

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Another Malaysia fitness influencer conquering the internet is Weightlifting fairy, Jazel Lim. The strong woman graces her 125k followers with detailed routines, plus tips.

Given her love for fitness, she banked a collaboration with Adidas@jazelxlim also worked with FURLA, Chopard, GUESS, Dyson, M·A·C Cosmetics and Givenchy Beauty.

Other than that, she recently had a collaboration with KAO Laurier Malaysia. Go through Jazel’s Instagram and check her informative #BeatHeavyFlows content.

Vietnam – Hana Giang Anh

Hana Giang Anh, a certified Pilates, Les Mills and Zumba instructor likes to include paddleboarding into her active lifestyle. She feeds her 313k followers with tips about how to stay healthy and maintain a positive life. That’s why @hanagianganh is always on the ultimate list of fitness influencers in Vietnam.

The influencer also has experience working with Adidas, Calvin Klein Performance, Samsung and Marriott International.

Thailand – Nattie Suraphayanon

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อากาศแบบนี้ มันช่างน่าออกกำลังกายยิ่งนัก 😆 . 5 ท่าหน้าท้องและกล้ามเนื้อแกนกลางลำตัว . ทำท่า 1-5 ท่าละ 30 วินาที ทำครบทั้ง 5 ท่าพักประมาณ 1 นาที แล้วทำต่ออีก 2-3 รอบ หรือแล้วแต่ศรัทธา 😇 . อย่าลืมต้องแขม่วท้องเยอะๆทุกท่าเลย ถ้าอยากเห็นผลเร็วขึ้นต้องคุมอาหารและคาดิโอด้วยนะจ๊ะ เพราะถ้าไขมันที่หน้าท้องยังเยอะอยู่ ซิคแพคสวยๆมันก็ไม่สามารถทะลุออกมาให้ชื่นชมได้ คลิปยาวแบบทำไปพร้อมกัน ถ้าตัดเสร็จจะลงที่เพจกับ YouTube 👉🏻 nattie ttainhard เหมือนเดิม Abs Workout 💪🏻💪🏻 . 5 exercises for core muscles and a 6-pack abs. Do each exercise for 30 seconds, repeat 2-3 rounds. Rest 1 minute each round. สู้ๆ โค้ชนัทตี้ . #หุ่นปังแน่เล่นตามแม่เลยลูก #ท่าออกกำลังกายไม่ใช้อุปกรณ์ #ท่าลดเฉพาะส่วนไม่มี #nattieworkout #trainwithnattie #iworkout #เพราะทุกที่คือฟิตเนส #absworkout #noequipmentworkout #nogymworkout #nogymnoproblem #หุ่นปังแน่ตามแม่มาเลยลูก

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Next is Nattie Suraphayanon, a Thai influencer who imparts her intense yet worth it routine to her 167k followers. The Certified Personal Trainer (ACE) engage with her audience through workout videos. It appeals to the public because the routines are easy to follow, with or without equipment.

@nattietrainhard has collaboration with brands such as Adidas, Lancome, dProgram Thailand, Lactacyd, and BIOTHERM.

Japan – Yumi Maruyama

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ジムに週2は行っています。  一緒にキック活しましょうー✨  無理してでも行ってキックをすると 体中ほぐれて巡りが良くなってスッキリ! 休むことが下手?苦手?であまり休んでいないのに キックのおかで元気保っている気が😌  ミット打ち動画▶︎▶︎ 2年前よりだいぶ軸がぶれずに戻れるように 顎もガードもだいぶマシに😂  #maruyumi_kick @beautykickproject  期間限定先着順で 入会金無料&2ヶ月会費無料のキャンペーンを 実施しているそうですよ〜🥊  来月はジムの選手 @hideki_0725 の試合 @rise_2003official もあるので 楽しみです!  #kickboxing #キックボクシング #朝活 #muaythai #脚痩せ #格闘技 ##ジム #ジムウェア #腹筋女子 #筋トレ #筋トレ女子 #ダイエット #ムエタイ #ボクシング #新宿御苑前 #新宿 #新宿三丁目 #キックボクシング女子 #ミット打ち #fitnessgirl #フィットネス #マッサージ #マススパー #パーソナルトレーニング #トレーニング #腹筋 #有酸素運動#ボディメイク

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Yumi Maruyama, a Japanese influencer who concentrates on beauty, lifestyle and fitness. The kickboxing lady is indeed popular as @maruyumi is also an ambassador of Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo.

Her PR works include brands like SOFINA Japan, Panasonic Beauty, Christian Louboutin Beauty, Longchamp and Amazon.

China – Mia

Not an Instagram influencer, but a Weibo famous – Mia. The fitness influencer and travel blogger has over 570k followers on the social media platform. Her profile gives an instant preview of her luxurious and adventurous life.

The Chinese influencer already teamed up with ELLE Luggage, NARS, Diptyque and Absolut.

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