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Memoire Palace Resort & Spa

Memoire Palace Resort & Spa is located in the most stunning land area in the city center, surrounded by well-known scenic spots, famous for its rare of crowded, peacefully and friendly eco-community. The resort offers a unique hospitality experience with the world's ultimate comfort and luxury accommodation assistance as well as the most prominent experience. Rooms are designed with the environment in mind, tropical trees and purely and freshness air. Enjoying tranquility and nature while being in a safe, private and perfectly healthy atmosphere. With a prodigious and impressive of Mohanoti Pool, an elegant rounded saltwater pool rises in the middle of the freshwater pool. It holds about 200.000 liters of purified salt water (which is excellent for your skin). Surrounded by the most fabulous building of the best legacy of the 1960s architecture and the most charming paints, multi-color LED lights installed in waterproof housings to illuminate the pool at night.

Jesse Wilson
Memoire Palace Resort & Spa
Address: #025, Phsa Kraoum Road, Vihea Chin Village, Svay Dangkum Commune, Siem Reap-Cambodia
Phone Number: +855 63 766 588