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GSC Kicks Off “Train To Busan: Peninsula” With Influencer Marketing


“Peninsula”, the follow-up to the 2016’s cult favorite Train To Busan, has just made its global debut to captivate the audiences worldwide. Set 4 years after the event of “Train To Busan”, this zombie thriller depicts a new society where people on Korean peninsula are still struggling to survive from ruin. 

To gear up in time for the movie, GSC Movies took advantage of influencer marketing to build up the hype and boost social engagement among its audience.

Collaboration with Sterk Production: “Peninsula” premier show

This time, Sterk Production created a video filming themselves cosplaying zombies and recording the super cool atmosphere through Peninsula’s premier show in Malaysia. 

What’s more, they also offered a giveaway contest for their viewers through the vlog. 

If you want to see how the premier show of “Peninsula” went, don’t forget to check out Sterk Production’s vlog below. You also stand a chance to win a movie ticket by commenting your answer below the video.

Hashtag Challenge with Malaysian Influencers

Besides influencer marketing, GSC Movies also initiated a TikTok hashtag challenge with #PeninsulaTikTokDance and #PeninsulaTikTokMY.

Malaysian influencers like Alex Ho (@alexhkf), Yuki Tan (@yuki_dance_), Davide Zafer (@matsalehmamat), and more have uploaded their TikTok videos to kick off the campaign.

David Zafer


Join ##PeninsulaTikTokMy and win RM500! Catch the BIGGEST zombie apocalypse movie Train to Busan Presents ##Peninsula in cinemas 16 July. ##GSCMovies

♬ original sound - matsalehmamat

Muhammad Danial


BERITA PANAS! Masa utk lari! Train To Busan Mempersembahkan ##Peninsula di pawagam mulai 16 Julai! Join ##PeninsulaTikTokMy dan menang RM500! ##GSCMovies

♬ original sound - Danial

Alvynna Joseph


WAH AUNTY LIANVY IS SCARED😭but excited cuz Train to Busan Presents ##Peninsula in cinemas 16 July. Join ##PeninsulaTikTokMy to win RM500! ##GSCMovies

♬ original sound - ALVY 🥡🥢

Nur Farrah


Can't wait to watch Peninsula!Join ##PeninsulaTikTokDance to win away RM500 now! Train to Busan Presents ##Peninsula is in cinemas 16july##GSCMovies

♬ original sound - n.frrah

Yuki Tan


Where’s my Zombie Dance Squad?🧟‍♀ Join ##PeninsulaTiktokDance to win RM500 now! Train to Busan Presents ##Peninsula in cinemas 16 July! ##GSCMovies

♬ original sound - Yuki DanCe

Alex Ho


Attention my unicorn family!! 🦄🦄 Join ##PeninsulaTiktokDance to win RM500 now! Train to Busan Presents ##Peninsula in cinemas 16 July! ##GSCMovies

♬ original sound - 알렉스 🦄

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