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GSC Announces Release of Andy Lau Film ‘Shock Wave 2’ on TikTok

GSC Malaysia Shock Wave 2Photo source: Rotten Tomatoes

GSC Malaysia promotes Andy Lau and his new film ‘Shock Wave 2’. Clips from the movie and behind-the-scenes are on GSC’s official TikTok page and so gives you a glimpse of the production.

GSC Movies Malaysia

GSC Movies is Malaysia’s leading independent movie distributor with the largest variety in movie entertainment. Andy Lau’s Shock Wave 2 is being promoted by GCS Movies.

Shock Wave 2

The movie follows the story of a former bomb disposal officer who becomes a primary suspect of a terrorist attack after falling into a coma. This Hong Kong-Chinese action film was released on the 1st of January 2021 on widely used social media platform, TikTok.

Behind the Scenes

Days before the official release of the movie, GSC showed clips from behind the reel on TikTok. In the videos, you find stunts being filmed and actors being interviewed.

@gscmoviesmy[Part 1] 刘德华大赞 刘青云 “细水长流”演技, 两大影帝被半空吊车吓呆?!相隔17年后再度同框的 #刘#德华 和 #刘#青云 大谈他们即将上映的最新电影 -《 #拆#弹专家2 》!#Sho#ckWave2 #GSC#Movies♬ original sound – gscmovies
@gscmoviesmy男人的快乐就是这么简单。时隔6年,#刘德华 再次挑战 #冰桶挑战 ,这次在 #拆弹专家2 拍摄现场由 #刘青云 助阵完成。《拆弹专家2》,即将上映,敬请期待!♬ original sound – gscmovies


See the official trailers of Shock Wave 2.

@gscmoviesmyShock Wave 2 – Official Trailer (coming soon) ##AndyLau ##SeanLau♬ original sound – gscmovies
@gscmoviesmyAndy Lau’s #Shockwave2 coming to selected cinemas this 1 January! Klang Valley’s fans may visit to GSC, Alamanda Shopping Centre! ##GSCMovies♬ original sound – gscmovies

Now Showing

GSC released the following clips on TikTok as an invitation to watch the movie at Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC).

@gscmoviesmyOh, and intense to le max! Catch this action blockbuster movie in cinemas today! ##ShockWave ##GSCMovies♬ original sound – gscmovies


最最最心痛的一幕,还有更多的极具紧张刺激的情节,赶紧买票看 #拆弹专家2 ! 雪隆一代的观众赶紧到GSC, Alamanda Shopping Centre 观影! ##ShockWave2 ##GSCMovies♬ original sound – gscmovies

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