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ATC Partners Programme aims to simplify and automate the way hotels work with influencers across Asia.

Through the ATC Partners Programme, partner hotels can turn unused inventories as marketing tools and secure influencers to stay, experience and write a review on their respective social media accounts. Hotel partners are able to review influencer profiles, select who they want to engage with, receive campaign performance reports and more. Moreover, we provide multiple languages support cater to different markets, so hotels can enjoy unparalleled reach in challenging marketing such as China, Vietnam and Korea.

Any hotel operating in the Asia Pacific and has committed to the ATC/T141 Sponsorship Package is eligible as a programme partner.

Program partners can select from the following:

1) ATC Annual Hotel Package  (US$5,000): Provides brands with access to engage 5 powerful influencers from any key markets, complete with media boost of 100K ROS banners across T141.com network over 12 months, and a 1-page write-up in 7 languages on T141.com.

2)  ATC 6 Months Hotel Trial Package (US$2,000): Provides brands with access to engage 3 powerful influencers from any key markets.

For more information, please contact partners@asiatravelclub.com.

Yes. Participating Partner Hotels can approve or reject an influencer’s request for a sponsored stay (in exchange for a review/social post). Please note that you will be given 5 working days to respond to any influencer request. Otherwise, a no-reply rejection response will be sent by ATC to the influencer’s request.

ATC’s network of influencers are individuals we’ve worked with in the past as well as influencers who have signed up to join the ATC Influencer Programme. Our influencers are active bloggers/reviewers across Asia and have a minimum of 1000 followers/fans in each of their social media accounts.

Hotel partners have access to their own ATC Partners Dashboard where you can set the blackout dates for the year, and view and manage redemption requests.

Influencers are given 7 working days after their hotel stay to submit their first post(s) to ATC via ATC Social App. ATC will review the post within 2 working days and update the influencer on the status of their post(s) via email.

Do check out our case study here.

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