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Douyin Influencers Drove Traffic to Malee E-Commerce Store

Douyin Influencers Drove Traffic to Malee E-Commerce Store

Douyin influencers are certainly a great opportunity to attract your target audience in China. Aside from the influencers’ huge following across Chinese apps, they sure do know how to effectively engage fellow Chinese users. Thus, your brand gets seen and recalled more easily as the content is well adapted for the Chinese audience.

For instance, Thai brand Malee Coco collaborated with Douyin influencers in May to promote its latest e-commerce campaign. Its goal was to drive traffic to its JD e-commerce store and increase awareness as well.

Among several popular Douyin influencers, 好奇少女心, 多多零食君, and 剁手小仙女 were the selected brand ambassadors to endorse Malee Coco in China.

Get to know the three Douyin influencers below and watch the Malee Coco promotional videos through the given links.

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好奇少女心 – 9.34M followers

好奇少女心 is a famed Douyin influencer known for sharing cute stuff on her profile. She often posts short videos of cosmetics, accessories, sweet treats, and drinks among others.

In case you missed it, check out her Malee Coco short video here.

Douyin influencer 好奇少女心 promotes Malee Coco

多多零食君 – 21.67M followers

多多零食君 is a Douyin and Kuaishou influencer popular for its mouth-watering features. From delectable strawberry cakes and chocolate bites, he sure knows how to capture everyone’s attention.

Likewise, he posted the video on his Kuaishou profile 多多零食哥(破20万粉), which received 37.8k views and 1.4k engagement.

Douyin and Kuaishou influencer 多多零食君 endorse Malee Coco

剁手小仙女 – 13.26M followers

Similar to the first influencer, 剁手小仙女 is another well-liked Douyin personality who shares adorable things on her profile. This includes stationeries, rainbow-coloured sweets, and even toys for little girls.

Moreover, Malee Coco posted her video on its Weibo page. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch the full video here.

Malee Coco shares video by influencer 剁手小仙女

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China E-Commerce Marketing with Douyin Influencers

Douyin influencer marketing truly helped the Thai beverage brand raise awareness for its coconut water product in China. It also supported Malee Coco’s e-commerce goal of lifting online store visits. By driving traffic to the e-commerce store, the brand was able to up the chances of converting visits to eventual sales.

Malee Coco's JD flagship e-commerce store

Furthermore, the Douyin influencers were able to adapt Malee Coco’s intended message for the Chinese consumers. In the end, it made the product more targeted and compelling to the audience.

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