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4 Chinese influencers that drive your sales on e-commerce platforms

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The remarkable rise of e-commerce such as Amazon, Ebay, Shoppee, Lazada, etc in many countries is undeniable. In fact, brands around the world are taking advantage of these platforms to improve their sales amid the outbreak of COVID-19. China market also witnesses a similar trend. It gradually became one of the largest e-commerce markets due to the growth of Taobao – Alibaba’s commerce platform. Therefore, the platform has turned out to be a lucrative tool for either domestic businesses but also foreign brands.

Particularly, Taobao Live is supposed to be a multi-billion sales opportunity for any business, and influencer marketing on these platforms is an extremely essential element to build up brand awareness and increase brand credibility.  If you are looking for Chinese influencers who can help your product sales surge, explore the list below:

Austin Li (Chinese: 李佳琦)

It is quite a surprise that the No.1 Lipstick KOL is not a woman but a guy. Li Jiaqi, also known as Austin Li is the best salesman of beauty products in the China market. Dubbed “Taobao’s King of Lipstick”, Li goes livestream to review lipsticks on Taobao which is Alibaba’s e-commerce platform.

In 2017, he became more and more famous when he tried to swatch 380 lipstick in a 2-hour livestream. The influencer also made headlines after selling 15,000 lipsticks in just five minutes.

ATC Influencer Marketing | 4 Chinese influencers that drive your sales on e-commerce platforms
Photo Source: Weibo

 Luo Yonghao (Chinese: 罗永浩)

In China, if we have Austin Li for cosmetics and beauty products, Luo Younghao is one of the influencers who can skyrocket your sales in the various types of products from gadgets, houseware items to snacks . Even though the influencer’career path is full of ups and downs, he is an experienced entrepreneur and internet celebrity. At the same time, he was also the CEO and founder of Smartisan – a technology company as well as the founder of

After his first e-commerce livestream, Luo Yonghao has sold USD 15.5 million goods and gained more than 200 million new subscribers on Douyin – a popular social media platform.

ATC Influencer Marketing | 4 Chinese influencers that drive your sales on e-commerce platforms
Photo Source: South China Morning Post

Li Ziqi (Chinese: 李子柒)

Meanwhile, Li Ziqi is a good choice if your products are in F&B industry. She is a Chinese food and country-life blogger, entrepreneur, and a successful influencer with more than 58 million fans. Li Ziqi is strong at hand-made products. She is famous for creating food and handicraft preparation videos in her hometown of rural Pingwu, Mianyang, Sichuan. In her videos, she makes a lot of things by herself from basic ingredients and tools using traditional Chinese techniques.

Not only does Li Zaqi become well-known in China, she has become a phenomenon overseas when her Youtube official account reached 9.68 million subscribers.

Viya (Chinese: 薇娅)

Viya is another top Chinese influencer / KOL star in China that we want to put in the list. She is a global ambassador for a number of brands and commands the No. 1 spot  on Taobao. In addition, she achieved incredible results of conversions and revenues through Taobao’s live.

It is recorded that the highest sales value she could get is approximately RMB150 million during a 5 hour session of live streaming video on her Taobao shop. Furthermore, in 2018, the transaction value through her channel reached RMB 2.7 billion.

ATC Influencer Marketing | 4 Chinese influencers that drive your sales on e-commerce platforms
Photo Source: Baidu

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