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Thailand Travel Guide: Island Hopping in Krabi

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Krabi, nestled at the south-west coast of Thailand is a province that pride with its limestone cliffs that’s jaw-dropping and lots of offshore islands. Dozens and dozens of islands rest off the coast of Krabi. Hence, this is why you are here, to find out the best island hopping guide in Krabi.

But before we go on any further on this guide, let’s attend a brief Geography class.

Understanding the Geographical Landscape of Krabi

Travel141 | Thailand Travel Guide: Island Hopping in Krabi | landscape

Now, there are a few famous islands around Krabi that you must know. These islands included Koh Poda, Chicken Island, Phra Nang, Koh Tup, Bamboo Island, Phi Phi Islands, Hong Island, Koh Lahding and Koh Pakka.

For your convenience, we have to make a map specifically to let you have a look at the locations of these islands.

Travel141 | Thailand Travel Guide: Island Hopping in Krabi | triangle

Basically, the Islands are a group in a triangular shape. It is crucial to understand that island hopping day tours only go for specific locations that are grouped together, so it is hard to look for tours if you wanted to hop off in different locations.

So, are you ready for some sea adventure? Let’s get started!

Island Hopping in Krabi Option 1: The 4 Islands Route

The 4 Islands, are basically Koh Poda, Phra Nang, Chicken Island and Koh Tup. This is the most basic island hopping tour.

You will usually start off by visiting Koh Poda, and then to Chicken Island. A note to that, the island have a limestone structure that resembles the head of a chicken, hence the nickname Chicken Island.

Travel141 | Thailand Travel Guide: Island Hopping in Krabi | Chicken

Koh Tup is connected to Chicken Island via a sand bridge. The sand bridge only available on low tides so make sure you check before heading off. Then you will head off to Phra Nang Cave Beach in the afternoon or evening for lunch and sunset.

Island Hopping in Krabi Option 2:  Phi Phi Islands Route

This is perhaps the most famous island hopping tour in Krabi. Phi Phi Island is slowing rising as tourist worldwide known for its dazzling white beaches and crystal clear water.

If you are settling down on this route, you would most probably start off at Ao Nang, which will take you one and a half hours to Bamboo Island. This island usually has very few visitors. If you visit during the off-peak seasons, this island could be entirely yours!

Travel141 | Thailand Travel Guide: Island Hopping in Krabi | Phi Phi

Your next destination will no doubt be Phi Phi Island. This island itself is flocked with visitors during the peak season, as you don’t even have the place for snorkelling. However, places such as the Maya Beach is a sight to behold, with turquoise blue sea and humongous rugged cliffs surrounding you.

Island Hopping in Krabi Option 3: Hong Islands Route

If you happen to be someone who in loves with nature, this will be your perfect route. You can snorkel, swim, or just laid down at Hong Island at your heart’s content, as this is a lesser route that tourist would take.

Travel141 | Thailand Travel Guide: Island Hopping in Krabi | Hong

Together with neighbouring islands such as Koh Lahding and Kok Pakka around, Hong Island is a pristine and untouched place with calm shallow waters. Just prepare sufficiently if you prepare to come here, as this place is uninhabited (means no restaurant, no food, no water)


Choose your route as you plan for your journey ahead for island hopping in Krabi, we hope that this guide would give you a clear mindset as to where you would prefer for your next trip!


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