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Singapore Influencer x Cassia Bintan via Influencer Marketing

ATC Influencer Marketing | Singapore Influencer Vanessa Ho collaborates with Cassia Bintan

It seems like Cassia Bintan and the au courant Singaporean influencer Vanessa Ho (@vaneszs.h) fit together perfectly.  The extraordinarily talented Vanessa and the hip beachfront resort Cassia Bintan collaborated under Asia Travel Club, and we can’t wait to share the wonderful results.

In order to enhance their business marketing strategy, Cassia Bintan from Indonesia has decided to collaborate with Asia Travel Club (ATC) and tap into influencer marketing. The hotel managed to connect with Vanessa with 84.7K followers via ATC’s #StaysForStories program via ATC Social App.

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Singapore Influencer collaborates with Cassia Bintan

Vanessa has created 3 Instagram post and a couple of IG Stories to share about her extraordinary experience in Cassia Bintan. Her social media posting has garnered 24.2K engagements as of today, successfully promote her hotel stay @ Cassia Bintan.

On one of her posting, she has complimented on the cosy loft apartment that she had stayed in, with a picturesque environment as the sun shines into her balcony for morning greetings. She also enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast provided by the hotel.

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Vanessa also posted her amazing suntan experience while spending hours and hours at the beach, enjoying the waves and bodysurf.

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She seemed to enjoy every inch of Cassia Bintan — from its vibrant interior, fun activities, to its exclusive beachfront living. As seen from her Instagram posts, Cassia Bintan lives up to its expectations of having more to it that just a beautifully-designed loft-type room. Check out her Instagram posts below!

Cassia Bintan Resort Review

On her first day, Vanessa was welcomed with Cassia Bintan’s exciting activities. Foam party fronting the beach’s view, ATV by the beach and woods, what’s not to love about it?


We got to see one of Cassia Bintan’s esteemed loft-type apartments in Vanessa’s post as well. With the “cosy” apartment and food readily available, she marked her stay “Only good vibes and a full belly at Cassia Bintan.”

She really enjoyed her stay, with a spa at Angsana Spa to cap off the wonderful trip.

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