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Social Media As A Platform For Southeast Asia Video Ads


Videos have become a useful tool these days by helping brands to gain awareness and socialise with consumers. By 2021, videos are expected to stream globally one million minutes per second. The time used in watching videos on social media sites has multiplied during 2019 and 2020.

For people living in Southeast Asia, they use social media platforms in watching short and long form videos. Videos have always been a big part of their lives. As a result, many companies in Southeast Asia (SEA) include social media platforms in their digital strategies.

As social distancing rules and travel bans pushed us to seek new ways to connect, videos have emerged as an important tool for daily interactions.

Socializing Through Videos

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Videos are no longer used for entertainment purposes only; it has become a way to socialise with others by uploading videos that can be shared with an audience in the form of stories, live streams, or vlogs.

Other forms include online classes, virtual concerts, video calls, and livestream shopping. Due to the pandemic, people are spending more time indoors and use digital media as a form of entertainment. 

COVID-19 made it difficult to see the people we love and for companies to meet in person. Therefore, video calls are used to communicate with one another. Across SEA, 57% used their mobile phones for video calls which is 5% higher than in 2019. The rise of virtual watch parties also emerged, where people enter an online room to watch a video (movie) together.

Social Media As A Bridge To New Discovery

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Social media has now become the main platform where people explore new video content. Short and medium-length videos are discovered by Southeast Asians on social media sites. According to an analysis made by Facebook and Bain & Company, 63% in Southeast Asia said they discover short videos through social media, with 54% citing it as their main source for medium-length videos.9

Videos As A Vital Component Of Social Media Ad Spend

Even before the pandemic started, businesses had already focused their online strategies to reach out to their customers and this time videos have a bigger role in helping industries get noticed. By 2024, video ad spending is likely to grow 1.8x worldwide. In 2021, Asia Pacific’s ad market is set for a strong rebound with 10% of it run by social media.ATC | Social Media As Platforms For Southeast Asia Video Ads Digital Marketing

Southeast Asian consumers are looking for new ways to connect with businesses and this will be done online instead of the traditional way. Digital marketing is about to overtake offline marketing this year. Video is now one of the main ways that people can maintain communication, making it the key to an effective digital marketing strategy.

What does it mean for the marketers

TV and social media combined increase return on investment in ads.

According to a meta-analysis by Kantar, social media platforms such as Facebook can reach viewers that TV are unable to. The combination of TV and Facebook can have a great influence on consumers’ decision-making.

Optimising video ad spending, using ThruPlay or in-stream video.

ThruPlay guarantees that brands only pay for ads that were played for at least 15 seconds. In-stream video lets advertisers deliver up to 120-second video ads to Facebook users from familiar publishers and digital-first creators.

ATC | Social Media As Platforms For Southeast Asia Video Ads Live Streaming

Drive lower-funnel metrics using Branded Content Ads

Facebook Watch or branded content ads are examples of how you can partner with content creators. Southeast Asian content creators often extend their viewers through Facebook Watch, which reaches more than 1 billion people globally.

Live streaming options for events or presentations

Due to the pandemic, webinars, e-Commerce live streaming, virtual summits, online concerts, and ask-me-anything videos have gained more attention. You can consider using Facebook Live or Instagram Live for your events. If the event was recorded, Facebook Watch or IGTV can be utilised to show it to a larger audience.

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