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Why Should You Be Advertising On The Growing Platform TikTok?

TikTok Advertising

You may have been told by a friend or two to sign your business up for TikTok. There are limitless opportunities for advertising on TikTok. To put it simply, everyone is on it and you should be, too.

TikTok Is Rapidly Growing

If numbers are what you’re after, then you should know that it is the fastest-growing app with significant user engagement. According to App Annie, TikTok is growing at an incredible rate. Its average monthly time spent per user grew faster than nearly every other app analyzed, including 70% in the US and 80% in the UK — surpassing Facebook. TikTok is on track to hit 1.2 billion active users in 2021.

TikTok Ads Agency
Source: App Annie

Looking at the graph, TikTok only comes second to WeChat in the top apps used in China. But, TikTok is seen with a dramatic increase in usage compared to WeChat. In China alone, users have spent an average of 23.1 hours per month in 2020 vs 13.7 hours per month in the year before that. That is a rather distinct rate of 68.61% increase in a single year.

The lockdown imposed during the pandemic may have been a contributing factor to TikTok’s growth in 2020. People have turned to their mobile phones for news, education, and entertainment – all can be found on social media platforms like TikTok. The numbers will continue to grow in 2021

Are you convinced yet to start your advertising on TikTok? From a marketing perspective, you definitely should be on it. Contact us to know more about how we can help you with your TikTok ads.

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