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3,000+ Influencers Strong and Growing! Asia’s Influencer Marketing Power House

ATC Influencer Marketing

ATC Influencer Marketing: More Influencers, More Hotel Collaborations

Are you in need of a brilliant digital marketing and influencer marketing plan to create a breakthrough for your hotel and travel brand this 2020?

Asia Travel Club (ATC), an influencer marketing agency with 3,000 and growing influencers, is more than ready to help you.

Since its establishment on January 14, 2019, ATC has become one of the most sought-after influencer marketing agencies, especially hotel and travel brands, in the area of digital marketing. As a result, Asia Travel Club has become one of the fastest-growing Influencer Marketing Platform carrying an expanding portfolio of hotel and travel brand partners such as Ramada Plaza, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), and Shangri-La Hotel, among others.

According to Asia Travel Club’s Co-founder George Foo, ATC has over 3,000+ influencers around Asia carrying a strong base of more than 380 million fans.

“This is a considerable amount of potential reach that ATC could provide to potential partner hotels and brands,” said George.

3,000+ Influencers Strong and Growing! Asia’s Influencer Marketing Power House | Asia Travel Club

Among ATC’s pool of influencers, 20-30 per cent is comprised of Macro Influencers. These influencers have about 10,000 to 500,000 followers, depending on the location. With high-quality content partnered with a large following, Macro Influencers help much with creating brand awareness.

George said that the country with the most of ATC’s Macro Influencers come from China, followed by Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Influencer Marketing in Asia has come a long way and we are looking forward to further growth.

Take a look at the profiles of some of ATC’s Macro Influencers who have successfully collaborated with our hotel partners through ATC’s #StaysforStories Program.

Influencer Marketing: Asia Travel Club’s Featured Influencers from Different Countries

Chinese Influencer Liu Xi Lin (刘汐鳞)

Liu Xi Lin, China’s prolific blogger with more than two million followers on Weibo, is well known both online and offline. He starred in different Chinese dramas such as “Ode to Joy,” while being a fashion and a travel vlogger as well. Liu Xi Lin has already completed four hotel stays through ATC.

3,000+ Influencers Strong and Growing! Asia’s Influencer Marketing Power House | Asia Travel Club
Liu Xi Lin at the MerPerle Hon Tam Resort. Photo courtesy of Liu Xi Lin.
3,000+ Influencers Strong and Growing! Asia’s Influencer Marketing Power House | Asia Travel Club
Liu Xi Lin’s room tour photo at the Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok. Photo courtesy of Liu Xi Lin.

Japanese Influencer Miku Akematsu (@shashishu_daily)

On the other hand, we have @Shashishu_daily, fitness and travel influencer. She also shares bits and pieces of her personal life on her Instagram account. Currently, @shashishu_daily has more than 116,000 + followers on Instagram.

Singaporean Influencer Vanessa Ho (@vaneszs.h)

Young and full of talent — in other words, that’s @vaneszs.h for you. This 20-year-old student from the National University of Singapore (NUS) has been a Star Search 2019 finalist, a DJ, a writer for NXT magazine, a host, and an Instagram Influencer. Check her story on Cassia Bintan here.

If you think now is the time to make your brand big through collaborating with influencers around Asia, don’t hesitate to chat us at to find out more!

About Asia Travel Club

Asia Travel Club (ATC) is Asia’s leading Influencer Marketing Agency connecting Influencers with brands across China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Since 14 Jan 2019, ATC has attracted more than 3,000 influencers with 380 million followers to come on board with us and has successfully launched more than 50 campaigns for brands and ATC Hotel Partners – Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts, InterContinental Hotels Group, Accor Group, Wyndham Hotel Group and Cititel Hotel Management.

Are you ready to dive into influencer marketing? Let ATC help you search, engage and manage the right influencers for your next campaign. Be it fitness, travel, beauty or lifestyle, ATC is the influencer marketing agency for you.

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