Our Services

As a social media agency, ATC has helped set up and verify 100+ official accounts on China platforms WeChat and Weibo. We also bring you ATC.social and ATC Bookings – two powerful platforms that help brands connect with potential social media ambassadors for a supercharged influencer marketing, or with Chinese consumers through direct hotel booking.

  • China Digital Marketing

    ATC provides an opportunity for brands to be more visible to their Chinese consumers on social media. We are the Official Sales Partner of Tencent WeChat, Weibo and ByteDance (TikTok, DouYin & TouTiao).

  • ATC.social

    ATC.social is a platform where influencers across Asia register and collaborate with brands. Their campaigns are featured here and on our social networking sites for an added boost to the business' and KOL's online views and engagement.

  • ATC Bookings

    In partnership with WeChat, visitors or guests may book their stay via ATC Bookings with any of the ATC Hotel Partners. Hotel owners targeting Chinese consumers can make use of this engine to generate more direct bookings that turn into revenue.

  • ZhaoVN

    ZhaoVN.com 找越南 is a Vietnam news and information content platform made for Chinese readers residing or looking at visiting the country. The website is in Simplified Chinese. Our growing ZhaoVN community is a good start if you're aiming at Chinese consumers interested in Vietnam.